Xylem launches new submersible wastewater pump adaptor

Xylem's Flygt Connect adaptor.
Xylem's Flygt Connect adaptor.

Traditionally, the only available option to replace an underperforming or broken guide rail mounted pump was to opt for a like-for-like replacement from the same manufacturer. However, doing so limited users to the same technology that was unable to tackle the operational issues.

The Flygt Connect adaptor is specifically designed to enable Xylem’s flagship range of submersible wastewater pumps, the Flygt N-pump, to connect to existing pump installations, which is particularly useful in the replacement process of underperforming pumps.

A lengthy investigation Clive Wilkins, technical sales support engineer at Xylem Water Solutions UK, comments: “In the past, installing a new pump from a different manufacturer was a difficult and time-consuming process which often resulted in a lengthy investigation and the risk of downtime at a considerable cost to the end-user. However Xylem’s Flygt Connect adaptor now allows end-users to easily and quickly replace an underperforming pump from any manufacturer with a Flygt N-pump, with the simple addition of an adaptor.”

One of the benefits of the Flygt N-pump is its patented self-cleaning design. The build-up of raggy material around a pump’s impeller is one of the main causes of pump failure. However, the Flygt N-pump’s self-cleaning design claims to reduce the build-up of raggy material and solids which land on the leading edges of the impeller. These materials are pushed towards the periphery and out of the pump through designed relief grooves and the pump’s unique impeller geometry.